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About Osutra

Osutra Organic is one of the very few companies where we follow high standards of quality and hygiene. Along with being certified as per USDA and Indian organic standards. Our certificate is approved by APEDA, Ministry of Agriculture, The government of India. All our products are pure and 100% organic in nature. We are from among India’s leading companies operating in certified organic products’ industry.

Ours is still bit different from other companies in respect that not all companies have direct contracts with the farmers involved in organic farming. This is quite important because it gives us assurance of our products being 100% organic and in turn we can assure our esteemed customers for the nature of products we offer.

Working with farmers is core of Osutra Organic. Building strong relationships with farmers is successful working foundation. We ensure product quality and organic certifications of the farmers with our own locally based field officers and many times farmers approach us through the word of mouth from their communities. Empowering our farmers is what we are striving for. We also support farmers for certifications and guidance.

Maintaining the high quality organic products for our customers is imperative to us and so to farmers. We keep strict checks on quality by maintaining a relationship with our farmers throughout the growing season and continuous farm visits by our field officers. We believe and follow multiple quality checks at different levels starting from farm level till the product delivers to our customers. Understanding customers needs and expectations, we train producers accordingly. We assure quality checks with our in-house quality team and technology, reports and setup.

Once the crops are harvested one that require processing are sent to our know processing/warehouse plants. These organic-certified facilities process and package the produce according to our strict specifications. Our team as worked hard to bring the latest processing & Packing technologies to the organic food arena. We’ve overhauled and developed various in-house processes. Our numerous certifications further prove our diligence and commitment to excellence concerning every packaging project we accept.

We at Osutra Organic strongly believe in delivering the right product to right client at right time with right quality and thus Osuta Organic strength lies in its reach and capability to sell products to retailers, manufacturers, exporters and end customers. Osutra Organic strengthens and bridges gap between Farmers and different consumers. Delivering quality produce and guaranteeing the product safety makes our consumer life easy and hassle free is what the strength of Osutra Organic.

We also believe on retailer/distributor/consumers satisfaction and further improvement based on their valuable feedback. So based on it we always ask customer to provide feedback and we take them very positively. Feedback always gives motivation to fulfil customer requirement. We also committed to provide best service to our retailer/distributor/consumers

Mission And Vision

Our Vision

Provide best quality of organic rice and Organic pulses available to our society. So that people can eat Chemical free crops. Creating a platform to provide complete education and helping them in certification process on organic farming to our new and small farmers. So that they can easily grow products without chemical and pesticides and also get easy platform to sell their product.

Our Mission

To develop ecosystem so that farmer can grow better quality organic food and sell directly to consumer, so that farmer can get direct best advantage.

Our Certification

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