Welcome To Osutra Organic

Osuta Organic Pvt Ltd is manufactures of certified organic rice and Organic pulses. We started our journey by considering root of problem. How can crops be grown without chemical and pesticide, so based on this when we discussed with multiple farmers to grow organic crops then they denied because they feel it’s not possible to grow easily and even if they are able to grow but their yield will reduce. So we tried to convince them and then we faced second level challenge, how they will sell the product easily, because as of now nowhere they are able to get good price of their crops. So we decided to create a brand which can help farmer as much as possible. As of now we are targeting very high quality of rice and pulses .


Better Health and Nation. To develop echo system so that our people lives can be improved and able to create better and healthy nation.


Provide best quality of organic rice and organic pulses available to our society. So that people can eat Chemical free crops. Creating a platform to provide education on organic farming to our new and small farmers. So that they can easily grow organic crops without chemical and pesticides and also get easy platform to sell their product.