Moong Daal (Chilka)/ Split Green gram

Moong Daal (Chilka)/ Split Green gram

Osutra Organic brings you certified (NPOP/NOP) organic Moong Dal (Chilka) . Which is grown without any Chemical/Pesticide. Organic organic Moong Dal is more nutritious and testier then non-organic Non-Organic organic Moong Dal. Green gram Split belongs to the family of “Pulse crops” that are inherently rich source of proteins and dietary fiber. The organic farm grown pods are de-shelled and de-husked after natural sun drying. Being a member of the group of Legumes, is a rich source of vegetable proteins, carbohydrates, dietary fiber and minerals but low in cholesterol and saturated fats. Green gram dal is one of the best vegetarian super foods has been praised for its amazing health benefits. Dal can be roasted and salted to get a healthy snack. If you are trying to eat healthy or lose weight, moong dal can be a good high protein, low fat alternative to meat dish. It is a good source for a variety of vitamins and minerals which is a great benefit for hair loss. Moong dal along with chapatti for dinner is a best combination for achieving weight loss. It helps control blood pressure, good source of iron and is thought to prevent skin cancer. Moong Dal Chilka contains fair amount of minerals such as potassium, magnesium, folic acid, zinc, iron, phosphorus. Potassium and magnesium are important for heart health. Supplements like folic acid and iron are important for pregnant and child bearing women. It is rich source of two kinds of dietary fiber. Insoluble fiber helps to keep the digestive system healthy and reduce the problems of constipation and soluble fiber helps to reduce the blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Organic Moong Dal Chilka is rich source of Vitamin C essential to boost immune system and protect from common fever, sore throat, cold infections. It is an excellent source of vegetarian protein. Addition of a few spoons of soaked split dal to daily diet plan proves good for health.



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