Moong Whole/ Green Gram

Moong Whole/ Green Gram

Osutra Organic brings you certified (NPOP/NOP) organic Moong Dal (Chilka) . Which is grown without any Chemical/Pesticide. Organic moong whole is more nutritious then non-organic moong whole.  Organic Green gram is cultivated in organic way without using any fertilizers or pesticides in organic eco-farms of India. Commonly known as Mung, Moong beans, Mung beans. The Moong is available in many forms- whole, split, de husked (yellow) and ground. It’s a member of large group called “pulses” which are rich in proteins, dietary fibre and low in cholesterol and saturated fat. In India, it is used for making dal with or without vegetables that goes well with chapatti, bread, dosa, etc. Sprouts or soaked gram is a good component of green salad. Dal is used in preparation of pongal and payasam which are traditional Indian dishes. Dry roasted dal flour is used to make healthy tasty rottis, parathas. Wet grinding is also a good option to prepare healthy, yummy idlis, dosas uttapas. Cooking, frying and roasting of sprouts is not recommended as it denatures the nutrients. Steam cooked sprouts may be given to aged people as it is easy to digest.



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